workshop EADM: Big Data and Machine Learning from Cetaceans in Abyss or Near Field

18/11/2019 – 19/11/2019 all-day

Annonce en lien avec l’Action/le Réseau : EADM

Thème :

Advanced Methods of the Sphyrna Odyssey, Mobidic & Other Research Projects
FPA2, Exploration de Monaco, Université de Toulon


18th november
9:00 Welcome, registration
9:15 Bioacoustic & transients – an eco-acoustic approach
J. Sueur, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Bioacoustic and transient of cetaceans, overview
G. Pavan, CIBRA, Pavia Univ
11:15 Autonomous laboratory for large scale bioacoustic transients analysis : Detection, Identification, Trajectography – the Sphyrna Odyssey
H. Glotin, CNRS LIS
12:00 Lunch break
14:00 Mobidic project and long term population survey
15:00 Learning transients from raw wave : a big data approach
M. Ferrari, CNRS LIS
15:30 Ethoacoutics and large scale clustering
M. Poupard, CNRS LIS
16:30 Posters – Discussions
19th November
8:00 Demo of Sphyrna, recordings group 1
10:30 Demo of Sphyrna, recordings group 2
12:00 Lunch break
14:00 Physeter clans in Carabians
S. Gero, Danemark
14:45 Merging information from transient to metadata (genomics, behaviour…)
J.-L. Jung, Brest France
15:15 General discussion
16:30 End

Program committee : Christophe Guinet, Flore Samaran, Dorian Cazeau, François Sarano, Jean-Luc Jung, Olivier Adam, Hervé Glotin (chair)

Du : 2019/11/18

Au : 2019/11/19

Lieu : Monaco, to be precised

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