Research engineer at CEA – Tech – Collective intelligence of/for Scientists

31/12/2022 all-day

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Laboratoire/Entreprise : CEA – Tech
Durée : 18 months
Contact :
Date limite de publication : 2022-12-31

Contexte :
Our world is facing unprecedentedly severe social and environmental crises. The scale of the response requires deep and efficient _coordination_ of resources and efforts.

The CEA is a French public research institution with strong ties to the industrial ecosystem and European institutions. It constitutes the ideal setting to agilely build, test and implant the necessary digital supporting foundations for wide scale inclusive interdisciplinary coordination.

Our group is part of the CEA Tech. It designs and develops tools for a wide variety of engineering applications in a wide variety of domains. We are equipped with long-standing experience and expertise in tailoring, developing, optimising, interfacing and integrating open source and proprietary software solutions for our various clients, both public and private.

Sujet :
We wish to hire a new team member, to come and work full-time with us on our coordination solution, to architecture the system’s foundations, set them up and test them in diverse use cases.

We are looking for a research engineer. The new team member will participate in the development of a collaborative digital platform implementing principles of collective intelligence.

The role is a hands-on opportunity to contribute at the centre of an exciting, meaningful, avant-garde project, empowering coordination across engineering domains and solutions and scientific disciplines and research.

Profil du candidat :
Core responsibilities:

– Participate in the architectural design of a complex distributed system
– Design and develop a web-based system (front-end and back-end) that accesses and manages large datasets
– Write technical documentation of software and solutions
– Support all activities related to end to end software design and testing
– Fit in with the development team and interact with cross-functional teams

Formation et compétences requises :
Requirements & Qualifications:

– Programming languages: C, C++, Rust or Java
– Knowledge of one or several DBMS
– Experience with version control technology (e.g. Git)
– Basic knowledge of RESTful architectures and implementations
– Fluent in English and/or French
– Proactive work ethics
– Attention to detail and excellent analytical skills (profound algorithmic and complex architectural decisions will be involved)
– Engaging entrepreneurial personality, interested in broadening your horizons and expanding your skills to master new technologies and new perspectives.
– Master’s degree or higher

Plusses :

– Conversant in French and in English (if not fluent)
– Experience with NoSQL is a serious plus
– Knowledge of P2P protocols (Hypercore, IPFS, SSB…) is also a serious plus
– Knowledge of Eclipse-based modelling technologies (e.g. EMF, Sirius, Xtext)
– Knowledge of automated model management (e.g. model transformation, code
generation) technologies
– The project aims at easing the daily work life of scientist researchers so sensitivity to the academic lifestyle is also a plus.

Perks and benefits:

You will …
– Work closely with cross-functional interdisciplinary scientific research and engineering teams,
– Evolve in a stimulating goal-oriented environment
– Have the possibility of working remotely part of the week
– Be involved in meaningful technological decision making
– Enjoy unlimited free coffee/tea

Adresse d’emploi :
CEA-Tech in Palaiseau (plateau de Saclay, Île-de-France), France

Application link:

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