EDBT summer school 2015

31/08/2015 – 04/09/2015 all-day

Ecole en lien avec l’Action /le Réseau : Ecole européenne pluri-annuelle sur la Gestion des Masses de données

Thème :
Graph Data Management

Présentation :
The theme for the 12th EDBT Summer School is Graph Data Management.

The area of graph data management has recently seen many exciting and impressive developments. It addresses one of the great business trends of today: leveraging complex and dynamic relationships to generate insight and competitive advantage. It is crucial for such different goals as understanding relationships between users of social media, customers, elements in a telephone or data center network, entertainment producers and consumers, or genes and proteins. As part of the NoSQL movement it provides us with new powerful technologies and means for storing, processing and analyzing data. It also is a key technology for supporting the Semantic Web and Linked Open Data.

As a consequence there has been an impressive flurry of new systems for graph storage and graph processing, both in academia and industry, and covering a wide spectrum of use cases, from enterprise-scale datasets to web-scale datasets. Moreover, this has been accompanied by exciting new research, developing further the foundations of efficient graph processing, as well as exploring new application areas where these can be successfully applied. It is therefore an opportune moment to organize a summer school on this topic to present the current developments and allow PhD students and other scientists to benefit from these in their research.

Du : 2015-08-31
Au : 2015-09-04
Lieu : Palamos, Spain

Site web : http://edbt2015school.win.tue.nl