Three PhD positions in AI and data management

31/05/2024 – 01/06/2024 all-day

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Laboratoire/Entreprise : Data Science Institute at Hasselt University, Belg
Durée : 4 years
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Date limite de publication : 2024-05-31

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The Data Science Institute at Hasselt University, Belgium has three 4-year positions for doing a PhD in Computer Science. The research is funded by the Flanders AI Research Programme and is related to data management for AI. Topics include automated data wrangling (advised by Frank Neven); neuro-symbolic AI (advised by Stijn Vansummeren); and reasoning about machine-learning models (advised by Jan Van den Bussche).

Within these positions you will have the opportunity to work in a leading research group in the foundational aspects of data management at an international level; you will also be involved in practical use cases where research ideas are applied to real-life problems.

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Candidates with a strong computer science background and an interest in the interplay between systems and theory are encouraged to contact one of the advisors! Include a brief cv.

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Hasselt University, Belgium