Postdoctoral position in Machine learning for time series prediction in environmental science

15/06/2023 – 16/06/2023 all-day

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Laboratoire/Entreprise : LIFAT (Université de Tours)
Durée : 18 months
Contact :
Date limite de publication : 2023-06-15

Contexte :
The JUNON project, driven by the BRGM, is granted from the Centre-Val de Loire region through ARD program (« Ambition Recherche Développement »). The main goal of JUNON is to elaborate digital services through large scale digital twins in order to improve the monitoring, understanding and prediction of environmental resources evolution and phenomena, for a better management of natural resources. JUNON will focus on the elaboration of digital twins concerning quality and quantity of ground waters, as well as emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants with health effects, at the scale of geographical area corresponding to the North part of the Centre-Val-de-Loire region.

Sujet :
The goal of the postdoc will be to build new prediction models for time series date corresponding to the evolution of ground waters levels. These predictors should be able to integrate several sources of information like:
– meteorological data
– spatial information, i.e. geolocalization of sensors and locations of predictions to be made; topological information such as altitude
– integration of knowledge from mechanistic models as well as from expert knowledge (impact of attributes and variables used)

Profil du candidat :
PhD in machine learning (computer sciences or applied mathematics) :

Formation et compétences requises :
– a strong experience in data analysis and machine learning (theory and practice of deep learning in python) is required
– experiences/knowledge in time series prediction and environmental science is welcome
– curiosity and ability to communicate (in English at least) and work in collaboration with scientists from other fields
– ability to propose and validate new solutions and to publish the results
– autonomy and good organization skills

Adresse d’emploi :
Computer Science Lab of Université de Tours (LIFAT), Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis Group (RFAI)
64 av. Jean Portalis, 37200 Tours

Document attaché : 202304141456_Fiche de poste Pdoc Junon.pdf