Paris Generative AI Autumn School (21 – 25 October 2024)- Call for Participation

21/10/2024 – 25/10/2024 all-day

Date : 2024-10-21 => 2024-10-25
Lieu : Paris-Saclay University, France

The GenAI-School aims to provide an overview of the latest advances in generative AI, covering theoretical foundations, methodologies, and practical industrial applications beyond NLP. The program will introduce fundamental methodological tools and presentations from experts across diverse scientific fields.

The basic methodological tools will be presented, and then speakers from different scientific fields will present the most recent applications and developments. The aim is to bring together various speakers to cover a broad range of fields of study and offer participants an overview of generative AI and its applications.

Topics will include :
Foundations of generative models: VAE, GAN, and diffusion models,
Large Language Models and advanced techniques (e.g., RAG),
Multimodal generation,
Frugal models,
Ethics of generative AI,
Applications of generative AI to :
Audio synthesis,
Climate change,
Image and video generation,
Medical data,
Telecommunications and networking,

During poster sessions and flash talk sessions, you will have the opportunity to share recent research results and open problems.

Registration is mandatory before 16 June 2024 for the first round.

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