IEEE GRSS second workshop on Remote Sensing Data Management Technologies in GeoScience 2022

02/12/2022 all-day

Date : 2022-12-02
Lieu : Paris-Dauphine University

While we are experiencing a rapid increase in Volume, Velocity and Variety of Remote Sensing data, most Remote Sensing platforms and systems are still relying on the traditional data management strategies. These strategies use file management systems or relational data management systems to manage data objects, their catalogs, and the associated metadata. However, with the explosion of data in Remote Sensing, this approach is reaching its limits in both data and metadata management, significantly reducing the performance of application layers on top of those Remote Sensing platforms and systems. The aims of RSDM-GeoSci are to promote the effective uses of appropriate data management technologies and to increase the value of Remote Sensing data. In this inaugural workshop, we focus on bringing together a research community to review the state of art in data management tools and understand the application requirements. Invited talks and submissions to workshops would describe consolidated requirements, novel research topics, use cases of emerging technologies, and application trends. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

Spatio-temporal database solutions for Big Remote Sensing Data
Graph databases, knowledge graph, graph visualization, web semantics tools/technologies for managing and discovering data and metadata in Remote Sensing
Novel database solutions for Analysis-Ready Data (ARD)
Using Big Data management and analysis tools for Remote Sensing data management and analysis
(Near-)Real-time intelligence from Remote Sensing platforms

The workshop also welcomes submissions showcasing use cases that describe adaptations and enhancements of data management technologies for use in real-world remote-sensing applications (such as data discovery dashboards and data pipelines).

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