Research Summer School on Statistics for Data Science – S4D 2018

18/06/2018 – 23/06/2018 all-day

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Thème :

Apprentissage Statistique, Analyse de données massives, Optimisation, Traitement de signaux

Présentation :

Large-scale data analysis is an inherently multidisciplinary area and is becoming increasingly important in the today’s society where we are confronted with the “Big Data” phenomenon, which are data on a large-scale in terms of dimension, volume, and complexity. The Research Summer School on Statistics for Data Science (S4D) is a multidisciplinary international summer school at the interface of several disciplines: statistics, computer science (machine learning), optimization and signal processing, with a focus on probabilistic/statistical formulations of recent methodologies dedicated to the problem of learning from large-scale complex data.

It will involve, during 5 days, for an audience of PhD students, engineers, postdocs and scientists, several international pioneering scientists in modern statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to present their expertise on both theoretical and technical aspects of models and algorithms to address data science problems with a focus on large-scale/high-dimensional scenarios.

The objectives of the talks are to:

present the basic developments of models for phd students and practitioners to understand the basics of the domain;
highlight for students, scientists and practitioners the major scientific issues necessary for the development of such models and on the related theoretical and computational problems;
present and analyze the latest theoretical advances in modeling and practical considerations regarding statistical learning, classification, representation, of large-scale raw data, in various application area

Du : 2018-06-18

Au : 2018-06-22

Lieu : Caen

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