Calls for 3 PhD positions in Artificial Intelligence & Digital Humanities at University of Crete (Greece)

31/12/2023 all-day

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Laboratoire/Entreprise : TALOS – University of Crete (Greece) at Rethymno
Durée : 3 ans
Contact :
Date limite de publication : 2023-12-31

Contexte :
The objective of the Talos ERA Chair Project ( by the European Union is to create at the University of Crete (UoC) a new research centre of excellence in Artificial Intelligence for SSH (Social Sciences and Humanities) and Digital Humanities (DH). TALOS will combine symbolic artificial intelligence, deep learning, and natural language processing to create a scalable, sustainable and explainable representation of knowledge in the Humanities and the Social Sciences.

TALOS is advertising 3 PhD positions in Artificial Intelligence for Digital Humanities

Sujet :
a) 1 PhD in “Semantic Annotation and Knowledge Graphs. Application to Classics/Ancient Greek”

Use Hybrid AI (Deep Learning, Symbolic AI, Natural Language Processing) to semantically annotate large text collections that cover vast historical time periods. Semantically annotated texts will be enriched with metadata, i.e. with references to concepts stored in knowledge graphs, including domain ontologies, for the purpose of effective data management. The objective is to produce open datasets that are shareable, searchable, findable, and linkable to external resources.

b) 1 PhD position in “Artificial Intelligence for the Preservation and Dissemination of Cultural Heritage”

The objective is to preserve and open cultural items in such a way that they are shareable, linkable and findable. Particular attention will be paid to scarce resources such as linear B inscriptions. Deep Learning will be used to complete inscriptions. Terminology, ontology and knowledge graphs will be used for their representation. Expected results include the creation of an online museum and library dedicated to the Linear B inscription in compliance with the Linked and Open Data standards.

c) 1 PhD in “Digitalisation of Education: Contribution of Artificial Intelligence to Curriculum Analysis”

The aim of the PhD is to propose a modelling and a digital representation of curricula that allow their processing by machines, for example for the study of their alignment with skills and activities. To this end, the contribution of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, Knowledge representation and standards (ISO & W3C) will be studied. This includes ontologies which “are used with great success in education because they allow to formulate the representation of a learning domain by specifying all concepts involved, relations between concepts and all properties and conditions that exist” [Stancin et al. 2020].

Profil du candidat :
Master in Computer Science or in Digital Humanities

Formation et compétences requises :
Master in Computer Science or in Digital Humanities

Adresse d’emploi :
Contact: Prof Christophe Roche ( – & Dr Maria Papadopoulou ( –