School of Statistics for Astrophysics 2019: Variability and Time Series Analysis

06/10/2019 – 12/10/2019 all-day

Annonce en lien avec l’Action/le Réseau : MAESTRO

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The topic of the 2019 session of Stat4Astro is the time series (including variabilities and transient events) that, from celestial mechanics to gravitational waves, from exoplanets to quasars, concern nearly all the astrophysics. Variable phenomena are ubiquitous in the Universe: periodic (orbits, cycles, pulses, rotations…), transient (explosions, bursts, stellar activity…), random (accretion, ejection…) or regular (apparent motions…). The detection, the characterization and the classification of these variabilities is a discipline of statistics called time series analysis. In astrophysics, the detection can be immediate to alert other telescopes, or very detailed to identify some exoplanets or probe the interior of stars. The characterization is required for the physical modeling and understanding. Classification is of course necessary to organize the observations.

Du : 2019-10-06

Au : 2019-10-11

Lieu : Autrans (France)

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